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Policy updates and how you can make a difference

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NH Action alert - LCHIP Needs your support!

The legislative proposal to increase funding for the NH Land and Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP) has passed the state Senate and House. LCHIP is the state’s major funding source for land conservation and historic preservation.

Your action is needed to urge Gov. Chris Sununu to let SB 74 pass. Conservation of our state’s natural resources and heritage is in everyone’s interest. It’s especially important to show support from across the political spectrum, that Republicans, Democrats, and Independents value what is uniquely ours. When calls are taken on a particular bill at the governor’s office (same for many other elected officials), they are often tallied by for/against. So every call counts!

LCHIP funds come from a fee on real estate transfers, not from taxes.

Please call the governor’s office at 271-2121 and urge support of SB 74.



Just over a year ago, the state Site Evaluation Committee declined to certify the Northern Pass transmission project, halting the 192-mile high-voltage transmission line proposed to be built through 32 New Hampshire towns. Eversource appealed the decision to the state Supreme Court, and oral arguments will be heard May 15.

To learn more and find out what ACT is doing to help continue to keep the Northern Pass project out of the North Country click here or the button below.


Federal action Alert -
signed by the president on March 12th!

At a time that can seem very discouraging for environmental progress, both the Senate and House have passed permanent funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). LWCF is the most important federal funding source for conservation. The money comes from offshore oil and gas royalties, not from taxpayers.

ACT is looking at this source to support the Profile Safe Route to School non-motorized public year-round trail from Franconia to Bethlehem. This trail will offer students access to wellness walks, running programs, snowshoeing from campus non motorized transportation to school and many other programs.

To learn more about Bill S47 (now Public Law No: 116-9) click here or the button below.