Perk Up Your Ears

These days of snow, rain and gloom after those tantalizing warm days of early spring - every year I seem to forget that winter leaves so reluctantly. 

But spring is around the corner, and some of our early birds are here. In the last few weeks bluebirds, phoebes, white-throated sparrows have all arrived, along with flocks of robins. Geese and crows are making their nests. Woodcock have been here for a month. Mergansers, wood ducks, and mallards are in the rivers, and bufflehead and ring-neck ducks on the larger ponds.  A few hardy peepers were calling before the ponds refroze and wood frogs ("croakers") are on the move. At my feeders, siskin and goldfinches continue to swarm, along with juncos, purple finches, and song sparrows. A few tree sparrows and bohemian waxwings are still about before they head north for the summer. 

In anticipation of the birding season, we're offering two fun and informative events:

Celebrate Earth Day: 100 Years of Bird Conservation & Basic Birding Tips

Friday, April 22, 7 - 9 p.m., Weeks Memorial Library, Lancaster
Join Dave Govatski and me for a look at a century of conservation through the Migratory Bird Act, plus learn some tips on identifying more birds through knowing habitat and behavior. 

The Music Around Us : An Avian Audio Tour

Thursday, April 28, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m., Franconia Town Hall
Expert birder Charlie Browne will present how learning songs will make you a better birder, and enrich your experience outdoors. Great for beginning and experienced birders. 

Both events are free, with donations gladly accepted. Refreshments will be served.