The Profile Community Trail


What’s the Goal?

Connect communities and create opportunities for kids to get outdoors. A five-mile trail from Franconia to Bethlehem will let kids ride a bike, walk, or cross-country ski to school. It will encourage overall wellness and experiential learning, and be the centerpiece of an exciting effort promoting Franconia and surrounding areas as a family-friendly mountain biking destination.

why here?

The Villages of Franconia and Bethlehem were born out of tourism and evolved to be mountain villages, home to many people who enjoy recreating. These communities pulled together to create a regional school, Profile School. Now these same communities are working to create a route that will allow safe, non-motorized passage to Profile in a way that supports our recreation minded residents.

Impact on Community

the Profile community trail will provide:

  • A safe way to get to and from Profile school to the centers of Bethlehem and Franconia with connects to Sugar Hill and Easton, too.

  • Year round access to beginner friendly outdoor recreation (XC skiing, snowshoeing, walking, running, biking)

  • Economic development and vitality to our region

  • Easy access to the outdoors from Profile School for a variety of educational and athletic program possibilities. Opportunities include: cross training for Profile athletes, learning environmental care through Leave No Trace principles, and “Riding for Focus” programming (before/during/after school biking)

  • Stronger community ties between towns by creating a physical connection

This Trail aims to weave health enhancing activity
into the fabric of our communities’ lives.


Donations are kindly being collected through the Turtle Ridge Foundation