What’s Been Raised? What’s Still Needed?

For the Safe Route to School Project, Profile School is looking to create a safe passage between our local mountain villages by way of Profile School. The Safe Route to School will be a beginner friendly non-motorized trail approximately five miles long.  This effort will help weave activity and wellness into our recreationally minded communities.

Give today to make the trail a reality.

You can have a huge impact in making this happen!


Donations are kindly being collected through the Turtle Ridge Foundation.

Money raised so far:  

$2,500 from NCES and Sugar Hill Conservation Commission to pay for initial trail design work.

$2,500 from Mountain Bike Collaborative for Master Trail Plan.

$142,360 from Federal Title IV A ESSA Grant to pay for spin bikes,
heart rate monitors, trail design, trail construction and professional services such as wetlands mapping, surveying and legal work.

Approx. $25,000 through BodeFest sponsored by Turtle Ridge Foundation.

$1000 through Lafayette Recreation's Dow Derby event.

$7,500+ through Iron Furnace Brewery's 12-hour rowing marathon.

Estimated Money needed by June 15, 2019: ~$76,500

Phase 1:



  • Profile School was awarded the 2019 Riding For Focus grant by The Specialized Foundation.

  • The Riding For Focus grant includes teacher training, results from program research, a turn key physical education curriculum, a partnership with a local Specialized Dealer, equipment and a fleet of 14 fat tire bikes and helmets!

  • TRF originally committed to funding 10 fat tire bikes and helmets for Profile Students to use on the trail but now that funding can be used for trail building instead.

  • Beyond the goal of safety and fun, the goal of The Specialized Foundation's Riding For Focus program is to increase overall student academic, health and social success.  #outrideADHD  #ridingforfocus

Phase 2:


  • Bridge Construction- Estimated $10,000

  • First year of annual trail maintenance- Estimated $5,000

  • 15 conservation easements for landowners- Estimated $48,000

  • Survey Work- Estimated $5,000

  • Legal Fees- Estimated $5,000

Phase 3:


  • Bike maintenance stands at Bethlehem, Franconia and Profile terminus (3) Estimated $3,500


Donations are kindly being collected through the Turtle Ridge Foundation.