The future well being of the North Country depends on all of us.


there are many ways to Support ACT's missioN

MEMBERS Support Conservation and have fun doing it! 

Members are ACT's greatest natural resource. Because of their commitment and generosity, we have conserved over 4,000 acres for the benefit of North Country communities. 

You can make a difference! Especially in our small communities, and with a small grassroots organization like ACT, every member and every donation counts. 

Just as important, you can get involved. Meet new friends, explore new places, and join the community of people who believe in the power of working together for the North Country's future. 

I strongly support the work that ACT does to preserve the beautiful North Country, for us and for future generations forever. I really appreciate the opportunity to support this incredible organization now, and well into its future.
— Alice Kay Reid, ACT Sustaining Member

New law allows tax-free gifts from IRA

If you are age 70 1/2 or over, you are required to take annual distributions from your Individual Retirement Account. This distribution is taxed as income. Now, thanks to a bi-partisan agreement by Congress (really!) you can direct all or a part of your distribution to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit like ACT and avoid the tax. The donation needs to be done properly, so contact your bank or IRA administrator to make sure the right steps are followed. Here's a link to an informative article. 

Donating land for conservation purposes is one of the finest legacies a person can leave for future generations.

Donate other real estate:  tax advantages for you and terrific for ACT. 

Gift of Remainder Interest: take tax benefits of a donation, while continuing to live on your land. 

Leave a legacy through planned giving. 

more soon!


Gifts of stock 

more soon!

Becoming a business sponsor.

More information available soon. Please contact the ACT office if your business is interested in sponsoring an ACT event.